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A Vape Liquid producing manufacturer entasked Watterson to build a new wastewater treatment plant to treat their production wastewater which have high amount of colour, oil and grease to Malaysia . Read More...

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A Palm Oil Plantation and Manufacturing company does not have city water supply from the State Water Provider have approached us to design, construct and commission a water filtration system for its production line. Read More...

Watterson Technology was entasked to upgrade an existing SBR Wastewater Treatment Plant and increase its capacity by using MBBR chips. Read More..

A petroleum manufacturing company have approached us to construct an oily water treatment plant for their new Lube Oil Blending Plant in Philippine. Read More.. 

In this Project, Watterson has been entrusted to design and build a wastewater treatment plant to treat Production Process Wastewater to comply with DOE Standard A discharge limit. Read More..

We were en-tasked to build a De-Ionized (D.I) Water system for an Automotive Manufacturer in Pekan, Pahang. The raw water or city water characteristic is consists of TDS which is recorded at <100ppm. Read More..

An Oleochemical Refinery plant in Sabah have requested us to design, construct and commission a wastewater treatment plant using MBR technology. Read More..

A well-known beverage manufacturer in Bandar Enstek was required to increase the existing WWTP capacity to accommodate their new production line. Read More..

A well-known beverage manufacturer in Bandar Enstek request Watterson to upgrade their existing R.O System as they have increase their production capacity. Read More..

A company which supply green environmental technology for their customer, requested Watterson to design and build a Dissolved Air Floatation System. Read More..

A Chemical Processing Company have requested us to supply a DAF System for their wastewater treatment plant.  Read More..

An engineering firm which receives tender from Perbadanan Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal dan Pembersihan Awam approached us to build a Leachate Treatment System in the waste disposal area of Krubong, Melaka.  Read More..

An ED coating services company was required to treat their waste water based on DOE standard B. Their production process produces highly acidic waste containing Zinc, Iron and others. Read More..

The wastewater from Coil Cleaning process produces wastewater of flowrate  15m³ per day and contained high very high level of COD, BOD, oil and grease, TSS  in the wastewater. The client need to treat their wastewater in compliance with DOE Standard B Discharge Limit.  Read More..

A manufacturing company in Nilai producing cosmetic, household and toiletries product required to upgrade the current waste water treatment to meet the BOD less than 20 ppm and COD less than 80 ppm.  Read More..

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