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Leachate Treatment System For Krubong Waste Disposal Site

Project Description: Leachate Treatment Plant for Krubong Waste Disposal Site, Melaka

Product Used in this Project:

An engineering firm which receives tender from Perbadanan Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal dan Pembersihan Awam approached us to build a Leachate Treatment System in the waste disposal area of Krubong, Melaka.

First, the biologically treated water from the DAF Feeding Lagoon will be pumped into the Reaction Tank for Chemical Treatment. Coagulant will be dosed into the treated water to coagulate non-biodegradable matters and suspended solid. It will then be dosed with pH adjuster and polymer to adjust the pH level and to settle-off the flocs or sludge.

DAF Feeding Lagoon

DAF Tank

After the flocculation process, the flocculated water is then fed into the Dissolve Air Floatation (DAF) System. Here, the waste particles are being floated up to the clarified waste water surface by the use of micro size bubbles generated in the DAF Tank. These waste particles will then be scrape off and transferred to a Sludge Tank while the supernatant (clarified waste water) is flowed to the Clear Water Tank for storage before further filtration.

The supernatant will flow into effluent filters which consists of Sand Filter and Carbon Filter. This is to remove any impurities and inorganic COD through absorption process. The treated effluent will then flow to the Leachate Waste Water Tank where some of the water will be reuse.

Effluent Filter

The sludge from the Sludge Tank will be transferred into Filter Press for dewatering where the filtrate will flow back to the DAF Feeding Lagoon and the sludge cake generated will be managed as per DOE guidelines.

Sludge Conditioning Tank

Filter Press

Dissolved Air Floatation
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