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TPI & DAF System for Lube Oil Blending Plant

Project Description: To build and assemble a TPI and DAF System for Lube Oil Blending Plant in Philippine

Product Used in this Project:​

A petroleum manufacturing company have approached us to construct an oily water treatment plant for their new Lube Oil Blending Plant in Philippine. We have proposed a DAF and TPI system where it is capable of removing heavy amount of surface oil and treat the oily water for discharge according to the Philippine water discharge standards.

Overall View of DAF & TPI Assembly

Tilted Plate Interceptor (TPI) System


TPI Side View

TPI Slotted Pipe

Top view of TPI

TPI Tilted Plates

Dissolve Air Floatation (DAF) System


Overall DAF Tank View

DAF Scrapper Chain

DAF Scrapper System

DAF Air Diffuser Tube System 

Other Instrument/Equipment

Control Panel

Chemical Storage Tank

Sampling Point

Filter Press

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