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Wastewater Treatment Plant Assessment

Watterson provide wastewater treatment plant assessment services to existing plant. Our team will evaluate the plant performance thru various site data collection and measurement. This will help client to operate the wastewater treatment in the most cost effective and performance efficiency of the plant to ensure that the treated effluent meets the Department of Environment's Standards at all times.

Consultation, Design and Drawing

Our specialize team are able to provide the engineering consultation, design and drawing services that follows your needs and expectation. We use Solidworks & Solidplant software for all our design. We also give advice on how to further improve your wastewater treatment plant so that it can perform at optimize efficiency and effectiveness. 

Construction of Treatment Plant

Our teams also construct and supervise the construction of your treatment plant to ensure that all plant is build at its' highest quality and adhere to all safety standards. All building materials use are at its highest quality to ensure no compromise on the structures of the building. 

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of Treatment Plant

Our teams provide operation and maintenance (O&M) on water and wastewater treatment for both industrial and public sectors. We ensure that the operations of the plant are kept at the optimum level of efficiency and conduct maintenance to treatment plants in order to achieve their optimum efficiency.  

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