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Why choose Okada Dryer?

Coil Washing (Optional)

Coil washing set to activate at a regular interval to ensure coil is clean from sludge particles dust. This ensure heat transfer on coil is at the most optimum and prevents corrosion on coil. 

Auto wash for dryer coil

Insulated PU panel

Dryer body panel/cover is made of insulated PU panel to minimize heat loss. At such maximum heating is achieved at drying compartment/chamber and maximum cooling is achieved at condensation/dehumidification compartment. Optional SS304 PU panel is available for further corrosion resistant requirement.

PU Panel.jfif

Corrosion resistant coating coil

Heating & Colling coils are coated with corrosion resistant coating


Protection for Compressor damage


Robust Semi Hermetic Compressor

Semi hermetic compressor is used instead of hermetically sealed compressor. This allow compressor to be repair in case of motor burnt out or replacement of piston & cylinder. Unlike the hermetically sealed compressor which required the entire compressor to be replace. 


CoreSense Technology from Emerson. With CoreSense, compressors are equipped with protection modules that keep an eye on critical system parameters —shutting down compressors operating in false conditions, resetting them when conditions have stabilized or generating alerts to request maintenance. 

Refrigerant gas recovery system


For large system, isolation valve is provided on refrigerant line to allow for easy replacement of parts without losing the refrigerant gas & allow recovery of refrigerant if needed.


HMI Touchscreen

For large system, HMI is provided for easy operation & monitoring of critical parameters such as compressor pressure and temperature. It also display various alarm if any fault is detected within the system.  


Digital pressure transmitter

While small system are equipped with mechanical pressure switch, the large system are equipped with digital pressure switch for accurate measurement of pressure & control of refrigerant pressure to achieve the optimum temperature. Apart, from that, oil pressure switch is provided to further protect compressor from low oil damage. 

pressure switch.jpg

Stainless steel for wet air compartment part

IMG_20190516_122052.jpg (3).gif

Closed loop air circulation

The dryer operates under a complete closed loop air circulation. Thus no air emission control such as air scrubber or dust collector is required.

Easy unloading of dried sludge 

Sludge dryer bin

For batch system, the Sludge Bin is design to channel the hot air from the Hot Air Generator (HAG) into the sludge through the pockets of air created on the Stainless Steel slots. The Hot Air will then carry the warm moist air from the sludge into the cooling coil where the air is cooled and the moisture is removed. The air is then circulated back in the Heating Coil before being re-circulated into the sludge once more. It comes with 2 type dumping systems which reduce manpower and risk of injuries

J-Hook Dumping System

Tote Dumping System


Sludge dryer component
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