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Upgrading of R.O System for a Beverage Manufacturing Company

Project Description: Upgrade R.O System for Beverage Manufacturing Company

Product Used in this Project:

A beverage manufacturing company in Bandar Enstek was required to increase the existing R.O System to supply water for their production line to cope with the increase in demand for their product. They approached Watterson to upgrade the existing R.O System.

The water from city water supply is first stored in a water tank before being transferred to the raw water storage tank. From this tank, it is pump to a Multimedia Filter and Carbon Tower for filtration. After the filtration process, it is pass through the a UV Sterilizer to kill bacterias and viruses. The now sterilized water is then channeled to the R.O prefilter before pumped into the Primary R.O system. Each unit of Primary R.O system is designed to produce an output of 40m3/hr of RO permeate. The concentrate from the Primary R.O is further recovered by a Reclaim R.O System making the overall R.O recovery is 92%. Typically an R.O System can achieved approximately 75% recovery only.


The R.O Permeate is then transfer into a storage tank before going to another UV Sterilizer and Cartridge Filters before being used in the production line.

Existing R.O System

New R.O System

Carbon Filter Vessel

Reverse Osmosis
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