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MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant for Beverage Manufacturing Company

Product Used in this Project:

Project Description: Upgrading Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant from for a Beverage Manufacturing Company in Bandar Enstek, Negeri Sembilan

A Beverage manufacturing company in Bandar Enstek was required to increase the existing WWTP capacity to cope for their new production line. Watterson was engaged to provide an overall evaluation of the existing WWTP in terms of the plant operations,  performance and equipment. After a thorough 4 weeks site data collection and studies, Watterson proposed to optimize the existing system equipment and convert the existing SBR tank to Membrane Bio Reactor. This would allow for minimum space increase due to construction of new aeration tank while it also allow to handle higher wastewater flowrate.  

First, the wastewater is transferred from the production line to the treatment plant via an underground drain into a collection sump. Online COD meter was installed to monitor the incoming raw waste COD. If abnormal High COD is detected, the waste will be transfer to a surge tank to temporary store the High COD waste reducing the loading impact to the entire WWTP. From the collection sump, the waste is transfer to a rotary screen 0.2mm to remove any debris and solid that would choke up the downstream pumping system and MBR. The filtered waste from the rotary screen in channel into a Oil Separator to remove any free oil. Then the waste would overflow into Equalization Tank complete with mixer to keep the waste homogenous. pH is adjusted upfront before entering the now Aeration Tank, previously the SBR tank. The Aeration water will overflow to the new MBR tank and then transferred via a vacuum pump to the Clearwater tank. By using MBR, the new Aeration Tank can now operate at a higher MLSS to handle higher organic loading without increasing the volume. From the Clearwater tank, the MBR filtrate is pump through a series of existing Sand Filter and Carbon Filter acting as a polisher. The function of this final filter is now insignificant, thanks to the high efficiency of MBR. At the final discharge, a COD online meter is install to constantly monitor the discharged. An auto sampler machine is also install to constantly collect sample in order to prevent any inconsistent grab sample result.

Sludge management with existing belt press is replace with a fully automated membrane filter press. This is because the existing belt press uses very high water usage for cleaning the belt which result is high return water for retreatment.

Online COD Meter

Submersible Blower

Filter Press

Aeration Tank

Membrane Bio Reactor

MBR System

Emergency EQ Tank

MBR Tank

Control Panel c/w HMI

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