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We're proud to be the official partner and applicator for Blygold products, which provide exceptional lifetime services for HVAC/R equipment, corrosion protection, and energy savings. Our expertise in fabricating, replacing, and refurbishing coils for all HVAC/R systems, combined with our commitment to excellence and application, makes us a reliable partner for businesses that value efficiency and quality.

Blygold coatings are renowned for their outstanding corrosion protection, energy savings, and high-temperature resistance. Blygold coatings are designed to protect HVAC/R equipment from harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and reducing maintenance costs. Additionally, Blygold coatings are highly efficient at reflecting solar radiation, which can lead to significant energy savings for businesses. With Blygold coatings, businesses can rest assured that their HVAC/R systems will be protected against corrosion, last longer, and operate more efficiently, resulting in significant cost savings.

We're dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible products and services, and our partnership with Blygold allows us to do just that. With Blygold coatings, our customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their HVAC/R systems are protected against corrosion and will operate efficiently for years to come. Whether it's fabricating, replacing, or refurbishing coils for HVAC/R systems, we take pride in our work and are committed to delivering exceptional results every time.

In-House Product (Blygold PoluAI XT) 
  • Prevents Corrosion

  • Special Spray Technique

  • Heat Conductive

  • 11,000 + hours salt spray test

  • UV resistance

  • Ultra thin layer (20 micron) to prevent pressure drop

  • Highly flexible

In the quest for more efficient air-conditioning equipment several innovations have increased the nominal efficiency of heat exchanger coils. With the introduction of enhanced fins, increased fin density, adiabatic systems and micro channels not only the nominal efficiency has increased but also pollution and corrosion vulnerability. High pressure failures, early replacements and increased power consumption can be prevented with the right preventive and corrective measures. Protecting these heat exchangers calls for specialists. The geometry makes the applications of coatings complicated and the needs for heat transfer excludes standard coating systems.

PoluXT comparison.JPG
Special Product (Blygold PoluAI XT) 

PoluAI XT: an aluminium pigmented polyurethane coating especially developed for the protection of air-cooled heat exchangers. PoluAI XT stands apart from the rest. It has an excellent chemical and UV resistance. It offers flexibility, excellent adhesion with negligible effect on the heat transfer. Plus it can be applied in a very thin layer, to prevent pressure drop. PoluAI XT combines all these properties with extraordinary corrosion protection.

The Application (Blygold PoluAI XT) 

A good coating will only perform when applied in a high quality process. Coating heat exchangers requires specialists that are able to apply the coating on every piece of bare metal present in a heat exchanger. Blygold uses proprietary spray techniques that can only be practiced by certified applicators. These qualified applicators are essential to realize a corrosion resistant and maintenance friendly heat exchanger. Blygold coating application is preferably done in a conditioned Blygold workshop but is, under restricted circumstances, also possible on-site. 

Blygold vs heresite.JPG
Other's Competitor Coat
Heresite peeling off_1.jpg
Heresite Peeling off 2.jpg

Competitor's coating peeling off from the coil surface after 6 months application on site

Technical Information

Treatment:                                         PoluAI XT

Coating Type:                                   Aluminium pigmented Polyurethane

Color:                                                Champagne

Pretreatment:                                    Degreasing

Temperature Range (dry):                -20 to 150 degree C

Substrates:                                       Aluminum and copper

ASTM B117:                                     11,000+ hours

ASTM B-287:                                    4,000+ hours

Kesternich (2.0ltr SO2):                    80 cycles

Layer Thickness:                              25 to 30 micron (1 mil )

Pressure Drop:                                 0 to 5%

Thermal Resistance:                        0 to 3%

Application:                                      Qualified Blygold Applicator

UV Resistance:                                 Excellent

Adhesion (cross hatch):                   0 (European) 5b (USA)

Applications:                                    Heat exchanging surfaces in high temperatures

Chemical Resistance:                      Excellent

PoluXT resistance graph.JPG
Our Application:
  • ​Food Industries

  • Off-shore Oil and Gas Industries
  • Airports
  • Cruise Ships
  • Hospitals
  • Power Plants
  • Transport and Construction
  • Office - Buildings
  • Palm-Island
  • Sports-Facilits

NOTE: Blygold guarantees protection for HVAC/R coils with a standard 3-years conditional warranty for Blygold PoluAI applied on aluminium-finned, copper-tube coils by certified Blygold licensed applicators. 

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