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Watterson Technology Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
Watterson Technology Wastewater Treatment Plant Products
Watterson Technology Wastewater Treatment Plant Projects
Our Expertise

With more than 10 years of experience in wastewater treatment, we have develop many effective and cost-saving solutions to our clients 

Our Products


Our range of products which has been developed by us will provide you with the best solution and enhance your wastewater treatment.

Our Projects

Our projects is our pride and our commitment to provide the ultimate solution for wastewater treatment 

Design Development

Watterson Technology Sdn Bhd drives beyond the limit of conventional designing to develop the finest technologies. We have developed the know-how in various type of industrial wastewater treatment such as automotive, food and beverages, oleochemicals, rubber gloves, pharmaceuticals, leachate, plating, chemicals and etc. Our plant design process including layout, equipment, fabrication, piping routing. uses SolidWorks (3D) and SolidPlant (3D) software. These software enable us to design and build seamless product and treatment system.


With the continuous development of technologies, on request pilot unit such as MBR, MBBR and OKADA™ Dryer are available for on-site testing. An in-house laboratory is also available to conduct various chemical jar test, measure various wastewater parameters, monitor bacteria activities, measure sludge moisture contents and others.

Watterson Technology Adjustable Inclined Plate Clarifier for Wastewater Treatment Plant
Watterson Technology Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) Tank for Wastewater Treatment Plant
Typical Primary Treatment System
Typical Wastewater primary treatment processes. DAF, coagulation, flocculation, sludge dryer, dewatering sludge, dissolved air flotation, oil separator, clarifier
Typical Biological Treatment System
Membrane bioreactor, MBR, moving bed bioreactor, MBBR, aerobic system
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