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Membrane Bio Reactor System

Watterson is one of the main distributor for SUMITOMO­­™'s POREFLON® Membrane Module for wastewater treatment solutions. By using PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene to create a separation membrane for the MBR membrane module, the POREFLON® module is highly resistant towards O&G and chemical thus making it more durable and long lasting.

With a high porosity (percentage of void) of between 75% to 85%, it greatly reduced the resistance which occurs during penetration, thus show a high permeability of the membrane structure. Beside that, a double-layer PTFE structure which is made up of skin layer (filtration) and a support layer provides a far more superior resistance to fouling on the PTFE membrane.

Cross Section Structure of Membrane


Comparison of Flow Rate (Pure Water)

Comparing to conventional organic membranes, POREFLON® has more higher strength which contributes to a more prolonged operation and longer lifespan.

Besides than that, the PTFE superior characteristic of chemical resistance allows cleaning with high-concentration of alkali and other chemicals.

Below are some features of the POREFLON® Membrane 

Stable Flux

The use of PTFE membrane with high durability provided by the hydrophillic treatment combine with an asymmetric (dual) structure offers superior resistance to fouling

Oil and Silica can be removed by washing

PTFE membrane allows cleaning with strong alkali

Low Operational Costs

The "U-Shaped Structure" employed at the end bottom prevents active sludge accumulation and allows efficient air diffusion

Standard Specification List for POREFLON® Membrane

Project Catalogue
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