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Fluoride Wastewater Treatment from Etching Process

A study was carried out in an company which have an etching process to reduce the fluoride level in final discharge water where the chloride level is at 20-30ppm of fluoride and fluoride discharge have not been meeting the discharge standard set by the Department of Environment(DOE). Existing system is using normal Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC) are unable to treat the fluoride in the wastewater.

Besides than that, the existing treatment produce a tiny flocs which are unable to floc in the flocculation thus produce a sludge carry over issue in the clarifier side. 

To solve all these problems, we introduce Hyfor as a substitute to the current coagulant in order to enhance the removal of fluoride. After running a trial run, the result taken by an external lab shows that not only did the fluoride level drop significant but manage to remove the fluoride to 0.2ppm. Besides than that, it produces a clear water effluent after treatment.

Table 1: Result from External Lab

Before Using Hyfor as coagulant

After using Hyfor as coagulant

Comparison of Treated Effluent from Flocculation Tank between Hyfor and Existing Treatment

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