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Hot Water Sanitize R.O System Plant for Stevia Refinery

Product Used in this Project:

Project Description: To build and commission Hot Water Sanitization R.O System Plant for Stevia Refinery Plant in Bandar Enstek, Negeri Sembilan. 

A stevia refinery plant in Bandar Enstek, Negeri Sembilan wanted to cater for it latest expansion in their production line, they have approached us to build a Hot Water Sanitization R.O System for their production. We have design a R.O water system which comes with hot water sanitization where hot water is use to clean and disinfect the RO system to ensure that the water quality is up to consumer standards. 

The water from city water supply is first stored in a raw water storage tank before being channeled into the Multimedia and Activated Carbon filter for the process of filtration. After the filtration process is done, the water is then channeled into a 5 Micron Cartridge Filter before being channeled into the UV sterilizer. This UV sterilizer acts as disinfected and eliminates all bacteria and virus. This sterilized water will then flow into a 1 micron Cartridge Filter before entering the R.O Membrane. 

During HWS process for the RO, the water in the HWS Tank is heated up to a temperature of 90ºC before being channeled into the Membranes. This HWS is crucial in maintaining the RO Membranes disinfect and the R.O permeate water are up to the recommended food safety standards.  

Reverse Osmosis

R.O System installed on-site

1 micron Catridge Filter with Heat Wrap

Heat Exchanger for CIP system

Activated Carbon Filter

CIP Chemical Dosing Station

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