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Fluoride Removal System (FRS)

Fluoride Removal System or FRS is a specially designed system where it become a polishing or secondary treatment to further reduce the Fluoride count. With stringent rules on final discharge where DOE Standards' have include a limit of 2ppm of Fluoride, our system is designed to meet and surpass that Standards. 

Customers with existing treatment do not have to do total overhaul on their existing treatment system. They can just get our system as an additional system which they can add in between the Clarifying Stage and Final Discharge Stage. This is more cost effective and therefore reduce the CAPEX on upgrading and overhauling the entire treatment system. 

Watterson also provides with a loan package where Watterson will build the Fluoride Removal System at zero cost*


Watterson's Fluoride Removal System works well with our specially blend Hyfor, a Fluoride Removal Chemical. Below are an example of Watterson's Fluoride Treatment System in action.

*with terms and conditions

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