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Tilted Plate Interceptor (TPI) Oil Separator System


Tilted Plate Interceptor System or better known as TPI system is predominantly implemented in separation of free oil from wastewater or effluent water for oily water treatment in an Oily Water System. 

In order to remove the free oil and emulsified oil in a wastewater from an Oily Water System, the wastewater will usually be at a temperature of 77°C to 105°C with a low pH. This will cause the wastewater to be very reactive and highly acidic. In order to counter this, WTS have design a TPI tank which is constructed from Stainless Steel to eliminate the risk of rust and structural defect. 

The free oil from the wastewater generated from the Oily Water System is separated through a phenomenon called "Gravity Separation". This phenomenon occurred when liquid with high density is settled at the bottom while free oil with its low density form will float up. This traditional design is inefficient and the turbulence from the inlet will affect the separation of the free oil. WTS have design a baffle plate which is slated at an angle to assist in the efficiency of the oil removal. 

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