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OKADA Dryer On Loan Package

What is OKADA Dryer On Loan Package

Watterson's OKADA Dryer Package is a customize package where we help customer reduce their cost of expenditure (CAPEX) in drying their sludge after the Filter Press stage. This package is where customer is charged by the weight of sludge which customer have put into the dryer to be dried. Watterson will provide the OKADA Dryer and its maintenance to the customer free of charge*. This provides our customer with less trouble on servicing and paying for the machine

Why choose OKADA Dryer On Loan Package

Customer opt for this package can immediately enjoy the saving from the expenses in disposing wet sludge. With OKADA Dryer's capability of drying sludge up to 50% weight reduction, it can greatly reduce up to 50% sludge disposal cost. 

Before Drying

After Drying

We provide the Dryer and up to 5 years maintenance free* for our customers, thus prove that we have a cost-effective solution in reducing cost for our customers. All customers have to do is provide electricity and a space for the OKADA Dryer. Contact us for more information

*terms and conditions apply

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