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3 Ton/Day Sludge Dryer System for Automotive Plant

Okada Sludge Dryer was utilized to removed moisture content from paint sludge and waste water sludge. 2 sets of 1.5ton/day dryer was installed. An automotive manufacturer had an incinerator on-site to reduce the sludge generated from the Rawang manufacturing site. However, the incinerator is limited to sludge moisture content not more than 25% to efficiently burn it into ashes. When sludge with more than 25% is fed into the incinerator, incomplete carbonization of the sludge happened thereby resulted in poor reduction of sludge weight.

Okada Sludge Dryer utilized refrigerant heat pump to create dry warm air is used as a pre-dryer before the incinerator. The low energy consumption system removed moisture from the sludge and thereby optimized the incinerator efficiency and achieve the desired sludge reduction.

Hot Air Generator

Sludge Bin Complete With Table Frame

Overall Dryer System

Control Panel c/w HMI Touch Screen

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