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OKADA T1000 For Computer Components Manufacturing

A computer components manufacturing company located in Batu Kawan, Penang is looking for a solution to reduce their sludge cake weigh in order to minimize the cost of disposal of the sludge. They have 2 filter press capable of producing 0.5 ton of sludge per day each. The filter press hopper is directly connected to a horizontal shaft-less screw conveyor before transferred into the drying chamber via an inclined shaft-less screw conveyor. The drying chamber comes with a paddle mixer to better mix the sludge to enhance the drying capability. A hydraulic hatch is design to enhance the de-sludging of the sludge from the drying chamber without the need of any manpower. We also intergrate a HMI system for a fully automated system which reduce the amount manpower to operate the OKADA Dryer.


Full Assembly of OKADA T1000 Dryer


 OKADA T1000 Drying Chamber

 OKADA T1000 Hot Air Generator


 OKADA T1000 HMI Interface

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