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OKADA T1000 Explosion Proof For Chemical Manufacturer

A chemical manufacturing company in Singapore produced Vinyl Acetate, Allyl Alcohol, Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene Emulsion and Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene-Redispersible Powder. As most of the products produced is highly flammable, the client required an explosion-proof dryer in order to avoid any untoward incident in the plant. Besides than that, they have a high regards towards their safety policy of OHSAS-18001 and required all equipment to comply with relevant EHS Regulation in Singapore. The sludge generated from their filter press is 1,000 kg per day. This company approached us to purchase an OKADA Dryer. We have to customized our existing OKADA T1000 and make it explosion proof by changing the vital parts of the dryer. 

Explosion Proof Compressor

HMI Touch Screen Interface

Explosion Proof Control Panel

Views of OKADA T1000 Explosion Proof Dryer

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