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6 ton/Day OKADA Continuous Sludge Dryer for Solar Cell Manufacturing Company

A solar cell manufacturing plant in Kulim, Kedah installed two (2) sets of Okada Hot Dry Air Sludge Dryer to reduce the weight of the sludge produced from their wastewater treatment plant. The dryer system is capable of drying upto 6 ton/day of wet sludge from the filter press.


A fully automatic filter press was installed to dewater slurry sludge from the treatment plant. Upon completion of the filtration cycle, the sludge cake is drop into a hopper. A paddle type level switch is installed to detect the level of sludge, when high level is detected the screw conveyor will transport the sludge into the drying chamber. In the sludge hopper, a crusher mechanism is used to crush the sludge cake into smaller pieces to allow for faster drying.

Filter Press with Sludge Hopper

Hopper with Crusher

From the hopper, the sludge is transported via a screw conveyor to the drying chamber. The Drying chamber is designed with 2 layer of drying. Each layer is supported by perforated plate to allow for hot air flow from bottom to top. A mechanical scrapper is use to evenly distrubute the sludge cake. Upon a preset timer, the top layer cake will drop to the second compartment for futher drying. Finally, from the second layer, the sludge is drop into a holding hopper before discharge into PP bags.

Drying Chamber

Bottom Hopper with Dried Sludge

Layer of Perforated Plate and Mechanical Scrapper

Built-In Screw Conveyer

Dry Sludge in Disposal Bag

The Hot Air Generator function using the refrigerant heat pump produce hot dry air is circulated into the drying chamber. The system is a closed loop system thereby eliminate the needs for scrubber system. With such configuration, it also achieve energy efficient drying.

Hot Air Generator (Internal View)

Overall Completed System

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