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KMP 0510 - Manganese Removal Chemical

KMP 0510 is design to remove Manganese to a lower level without the need of using Greensand or Birm Filter. By using KMP 0510 as a cogulant, the usage of green sand is eliminated thus reducing the maintenance cost for running a water treatment plant. 

With KMP 0510, it can also be use as a pre-treatment for a Reverse Osmosis system in an Industrial Water Treatment Plant. R.O Membrane will have scaling should the Manganese concentration exceed 0.3ppm. By applying KMP 0510 into the pre-treatment system, it can reduce the Manganese level to less than 0.3ppm. 

With KMP 0510, pH for the reaction to take place occurs between 7-8, thus eliminating the need to for further pH adjustment therefore reducing the treatment cost. Client with existing treatment can use KMP 0510 as an additional chemical or as a replacement coagulant for the chemical treatment system.

Below are the test results between normal Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC) and KMP 0510:

Manganese Test Result.png
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