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Anti-Clog Lamella Clarifier (ACLC)

Anti Clog Lamella Clarifier

Inclined Plate Clarifier (IPC) a.k.a Lamella Plate Settlers perform the same function as conventional clarifier and can be installed in the same location is the process train. IPC is an equipment designed to increase the settling capacity of a clarifier by increasing the effective gravity settling area of the inclined plates.


Wastewater enters the plates through specially sized feed opening located in the lower sides of the plates. The solids (sludge) with higher density then settle on the surface of the plates and slide down to the sludge compartment; while supernatant is discharged from the top of the plates to overflow compartment through v-notch weirs to ensure even flow distribution.


Lighter solids continue to accumulate on the plates until a critical mass is reached at which point gravity causes the solids to slide down into the sludge compartment. In some occasion for conventional IPC, this accumulated sludge would just stick on the plate surface and cause clogging problem to the inclined plates. When this phenomenon happened, operator would need to drain down the clarifier water to clean all the inclined plates by using high pressure water jet.  

Therefore, Watterson have designed an Anti-Clog Lamella Clarifier or ACLC which overcome the above problems.


All inclined plates were made by SS304 plates which created a smooth surface to prevent sludge accumulation and ease the sludge to slide down.


Furthermore, the inclined plates frame was design and fixed with a mechanism to enable operator to adjust it to 90° position (from its normal operating condition of 55°) to aid the sludge drop to the bottom of tank (ease of cleaning). In the event if the operator would need to clean the ACLC, he would not need to drain the clarifier water; but by adjusting it to 90° position would be sufficient to aid the sludge to drop.


Sludge dropped to the bottom of tank, would be further thickened by the bottom pyramid shape of the ACLC before it is pump out for either re-circulation to Aeration Tank or de-sludge to Sludge Holding Tank.

Anti-Clog Lamella Clarifier

Illustration of ACLC

Anti-Clog Lamella Clarifier
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