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OKADA HT1000 For Household Air-Conditioning Manufacturing

A household air-conditioning manufacturing company located in Shah Alam, Selangor is looking for a solution to reduce their sludge cake weigh in order to minimize the cost of disposal of the sludge. Our OKADA Dryer is place beneath the Filter Press platform where the sludge is drop directly into the drying chamber without have the need of any conveyor system or manpower to move/transfer the sludge from one place to another.  There is a shaftless screw conveyor design for the discharge of the sludge. All these system is fully automize and doesn't require a lot of manpower to operate the dryer. 

P2180530 (2).jpg
P2180535 (2).jpg
20190218_133327(0) (2).jpg
20190218_133342 (2).jpg

OKADA HT1000 Dryer

P2180516 (2).jpg

 OKADA HT1000 Drying Chamber

P2180555 (2).jpg
P2180554 (2).jpg

 OKADA T1000 Blower

P2180550 (2).jpg

OKADA HT1000 Autowash

_2180511 (2).jpg

Discharge Screw Conveyor


Drying Chamber Shutter Door

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