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6 ton/Day OKADA Continuous Sludge Dryer for Oleochemical Manufacturer Plant

An Oleochemical manufacturing company in Prai, Penang have a Sequence Batch Reactor which generates 6 tons of Biological Sludge per day. The sludge is usually dispose off to landfill. Our client was looking into a method to reduce the sludge weight before disposing it off as a cost reduction solution. Before the sludge enter the OKADA Sludge Dryer, it is first de-watered using a screw press. The moisture level after the screw press is recorded to be at approximately ~85%. The sludge is then channeled down into a hopper before entering a Shredder

The Hot Air Generator function using the refrigerant heat pump produce hot dry air is circulated into the drying chamber. The system is a closed loop system thereby eliminate the needs for scrubber system. With such configuration, it also achieve energy efficient drying.

Continuous Sludge Dryer C6T.png

Continuous Belt Dryer Assembly


Hot Air Generator Unit

The Shredder is used to squeeze the sludge into a peanut like form so that more surface area for drying is created. This peanut formed sludge is then channeled through the dryer chamber by means of belt conveyor. The heat generated from the Hot Air Generator is conveyed through the ductings surrounding the Drying Chamber.  


Drying Chamber (3).gif

Shredder before Drying Chamber


Peanut Shaped Sludge in Drying Chamber 


Sludge Condition After Drying

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