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Watterson's OKADA Dryer uses refrigerant heat pump technology to generate Hot Dry Air was fully developed in the year 2007. Since then, OKADA Dryer have served and given satisfaction to more than hundreds of customers from various industries.

Product Dryer Hot Sanitation Mode

Product Dryer Drying Mode

Suitable for Product Drying such as:

Other products drying for :

- Dried Fruits products

  • Mushrooms Drying

  • Tomatoes Drying

  • Banana Drying

  • Cassava Drying

​- Dried Aquatic products

  • Prawn Drying

  • Fish Drying

- Dried Herbs Industries

- Dried Food Products

  • Chilli Drying

  • Ginger Drying

  • Meat Jerky Drying

- Drying of Product Packaging

  • Bottle Drying

  • Food Tin Drying

  • Drink Can Drying

- Drying of Surface Painting/ Coating 

- Drying of Wood Product 

  • Seasoning Kiln

  • Lumber Drying

OKADA Dryer which utilizes a hot dry air generated from refrigerant heat pumps produce a temperature of 40°C to 60°C can be use on heat sensitive products. Products which are dried at this temperature tends to maintain it's original texture, taste, nutrition, or colour. Circulation of hot dry air between the hot air generator and drying chamber in a closed-loop manner provide a cleaner drying environment to the product. No external contamination is introduced into the product during the drying process. 

Product Drying Chamber (Tray Dryer)
Drying Tray Chamber

OKADA Double Door Tray Dryer

Process Flow for OKADA Product Dryer
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