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Ultra filtration membrane designed to remove suspended particulates, colloidal material, bacteria and high molecular weight material greater than 0.01 micron. With intensive research and development, we found modified hydrophillic polyacrylonitrile (PAN) to be best suited for aggressive water in terms of performance, maintenance and costs.


Our membrane enabled us to provide solutions that are unique and innovative where conventional technologies are found lacking in terms of performance and cost. This comparative advantage opens up a wide range of membrane based water and wastewater treatment applications.

  • We cover the four main water and wastewater treatment processes.

  • Water pre-treatment/Clarification

  • Water upgrading

  • Water treatment to comply with disposal regulations

  • Water reclamation

For each of these solutions, we have conducted extensive laboratory and pilot scale tests before delivering the final system to our customer


UF-AQ250 - Features

Ultra-Filtration (UF) System Features
  1. Thicken end cap wall design which can prevent explosion, its bearing pressure ability is above 1.6MPA;

  2. Backwash feed water from the central tube, with the shortest water dispersion radius, the center tube water distribution pore is uniform distribution;

  3. Uses 6 distance pieces to divide hollow fibers into 6 sectors, the pieces integrate with central tube. So that backwash water work uniformly to the various sectors, which can balance membrane backwash pressure in body cavity with better backwashing effect;

  4. Double sealing joint structure of central tube and end cap prevent leakage of junction effectively;

  5. SS304 stainless steel hoop structure make module have a stronger bearing pressure ability, which can prevent water leakage and bursting;

  6. Connection adopts national standard size rapid installation sleeve chuck, which is fast to install, simple and reliable;

  7. The adhesive of tube and cover is imported from France, a high adhesive strength to ensure watertight seal without degumming or leakage;

  8. The anti-degumming design structure of end cap casting layer make epoxy resin and the cap to form a complete whole, which ensure adhesion of epoxy resin and the cover;

  9. End cap materials: epoxy resin of high hardness, high strength and high toughness, high adhesion level, high health standard.


UF - AQ250 - Technical Diagram

UF-AQ250 - Technical Specification

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