Watterson's OKADA Dryer uses refrigerant heat pump technology to generate Hot Dry Air was fully developed in the year 2007. Since then, OKADA Dryer have served and given satisfaction to more than hundreds of customers from various industries.

Batch Drying System
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Continuous Drying System
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Suitable for Sludge Drying such as:

Wastewater Sludge for :

- Petrochemical Industry;

- Automotive Industry;

- Pharmaceutical Industry;

- Food and Beverages Industry;

- Steel Manufacturing Industry;
- Cosmetic Industry;

- Rubber gloves Industry;

- Paper Industry and;

- Others

Dried sludge

OKADA Dryer which utilizes a hot dry air generators using refrigerant heat pump has the capability to extract water moisture from wastewater sludge thereby reduces the moisture content and weight. The OKADA Dryer serves to further reduce the moisture content of the sludge in an intrinsically safe and energy efficient solution. The unit is designed to lower the disposal cost by significantly reduce the weight and produce an extremely dry and easy disposed materials.


The OKADA Sludge Dryer operates by the dehydration principle of circulating dry hot air at 40°C to 60°C through a designated volume of sludge cake. Moisture extracted from the now-dewatered sludge cake will then be channeled to the dehumidifying unit and water moisture condensed via a heat exchanger. The dry hot air with enormous water adsorbing capacity is then reintroduced to the drying chamber and circulated in a closed-loop through the entire system again. The refrigeration cycle of combined energy of both cold and hot heat exchangers;  give an advantage of a high energy efficiency in the drying process.

Dried Sludge by OKADA Dryer
Suitable for Product Drying such as:

Other products drying for :

- Dried Fruits products

  • Mushrooms Drying

  • Tomatoes Drying

  • Banana Drying

  • Cassava Drying

​- Dried Aquatic products

  • Prawn Drying

  • Fish Drying

- Dried Herbs Industries

- Dried Food Products

  • Chilli Drying

  • Ginger Drying

  • Meat Jerky Drying

- Drying of Product Packaging

  • Bottle Drying

  • Food Tin Drying

  • Drink Can Drying

- Drying of Surface Painting/ Coating 

- Drying of Wood Product 

  • Seasoning Kiln

  • Lumber Drying